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What exactly is the new IQOS Iluma?

What is iqos Iluma

Philip Morris International (PMI) has announced the release of IQOS ILUMA prime in the Swiss duty free market, the new addition of its portfolio of smoke-free products for adults who want to continue smoke or use nicotine products. The device comes in three models, Iqos Iluma, Iqos Iluma Prime and Iqos Iluma One. In this article, we focus on what’s new for Iqos Iluma as heating technology, how does it work and is it worth switching.

IQOS ILUMA – Heating tobacco with induction

IQOS lluma is a revolutionary latest technology that has been developed by Philip Morris international. It uses a revolutionary heating technology called induction heating with no blade unlike the IQOS 3 Duo. IQOS Iluma generates no smoke or combustion and therefore no ashes and no more cleaning. Simply put, a seamless smoking experience. IQOS iluma comes in an elegant and simple range of colors to match your style and personality. It fits in with your lifestyle

iqos iluma

IQOS Iluma and IQOS Iluma prime

IQOS iluma prime is accessible in a latest design that uses anodized, elegant aluminum gathered with a texture wrap. The device is accessible in 4 colors and is customizable both in terms of connected specs through the user’s smartphone and offline with a big range of accessories, including holder rings and charger wraps. The design of IQOS Iluma is similar to that of previous IQOS generation but gives a better tobacco experience with better draw and stick-by-stick taste consistency – accessible in 5 colors with additional accessory options, such as interchangeable doors and holder rings. But devices provide adult users the capability to have 2 consecutive uses without recharging the holder and contain latest features that can be disabled or enabled – by the IQOS aapp – such as auto-start, smart gestures, various alerts, illumination modes, and the capability for the user to lock and unlock their device when required.

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What is better? IQOS Iluma and IQOS iluma prime

Indeed, the firm introduced these 2 models at the same time, but the difference between them is not as remarkable as many assume. Being with same holder, the regular Iluma does not have a special case design and uses a case similar to IQOS 3 DUOS.

Should I switch to IQOS iluma prime?

If you are fans of nicotine-free sticks for IQOS, then must not quit. The device uses TEREA sticks with a built-in blade that is capable of making induction currents – neither other firms nor older models of the brand have such technology.

End Words

There are presently more than twenty million users of the IQOS tobacco heating system internationally, and PMI guesses that more than 73 percent of these men and women have switched fully to IQOS and stopped smoking with the balance in many stages of switching.

PMI overheating ambition is that by 2025 at least forty million PMI cigarette smokers who would want to continue smoke will have switched to smoke-free products. Additional, the company’s ambition is that more than half of its net profits will come from smoke-free products by 2025.

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