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The Terea flavors compared – 8 different flavors

the terea flavors comapred

In 2022, PMI released the new IQOS Iluma with a bladeless Smartcore Induction Heating System technology with an improved heating system. But the new IQOS Iluma is not compatible with the Heets used for IQOS 3 Duo, instead PMI released Terra Tobacco Sticks with more than eight flavors, similar to Heets. We have tried all the flavors and if you are new to IQOS, this article will help you know the difference between the flavors. If you are an existing IQOS user, then you might still find this article useful if you would like to try new flavors, you will know what to expect. 

We have also created an unofficial strength meter, it’s only our opinion as we are not affiliated with PMI.

The Terea flavors – 8 different flavors on the market are the following:
FlavorShort DescriptionStrengthProduct
Terea YellowA soft blend, perfumed with notes of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs.Light Terea Yellow
Terea AmberA balanced blend of tobacco with a rich texture and feel of light notes of wood and nuts.Medium/Strong Terea Amber
Terea SilverA balanced blend of tobacco, with a refined aromaMedium Terea Silver
Terea TurquoiseA delightful blend, with lively notes of freshnessLight Terea Turquoise
Terea TeakA balanced blend of tobacco with a creamy texture and hints of nutsLight Terea Teak
Terea PurpleA blend of tobacco with a strong taste of freshness that contrasts with pleasant and sweet and sour aromas.Light/Medium Terea Purple Mauve\
Terea SiennaA rich, aromatic tobacco blend with a balanced taste and feel of pleasant wood and tea notes.Strong Terea Sienna
Terea BronzeA rich, velvety taste with hints of cocoa and dried fruit.Medium/Strong Terea Bronze
Terea Flavors Table

You can check all Terea Flavors here, let us know what you think in the comment below.

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