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Features & Compatibility

The Switchbot Remote is a great and handy Smart Button that can be used for compatible Switchbot Appliances including the Switchbot Curtain. Now you don’t even need to use your voice. Just press a button from the comfort of your couch, bed, or favorite chair.

Control with Just 1 Click – There’s no need to use your smartphone, just press your remote to control any SwitchBot device.

Compatible with SwitchBot Devices – SwitchBot remote is compatible with multiple SwitchBot devices, such as SwitchBot Curtain, Bot, Blind Tilt, Color Bulb, and LED Strip Light.

Simple to program – Easily program 2 commands for each of the buttons located on SwitchBot Remote to turn on/off all of your devices. For example, one button can be used to turn SwitchBot Curtain, and the other can control SwitchBot Bot.

Place it Anywhere – You can place Remote anywhere within reach, such as bedside tables, desks, or even place on walls. Bluetooth range is 4 times longer than normal, which makes it easy to control devices wherever you are at home.

Compatible with SwitchBot Scenes – With just one button, you can trigger scenes to control all devices in one go. Please note: SwitchBot Lock can not be set as an action (Scenes require SwitchBot Hub).

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